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On my way to school I saw a boy.
He was an awesome boy.
He was an athletic, awesome boy.
He was a fun, athletic, awesome boy.
He was a cool, fun, athletic, awesome boy.
He was a crazy, cool, fun, athletic, awesome boy.
He was a nice, crazy, cool, fun, athletic, awesome boy.
And he was walking into school!

By Ethan

I knew fall was coming because….
On Sunday I saw 3 Frankenstein costumes in my closet.
On Monday I saw a bowl of candy corn on my counter
On Tuesday I saw two Indians walking down my street.
On Wednesday I saw four bloody zombies looking at me.
On Thursday I saw six monsters staring at me.
On Friday I saw a phantom float in my window and say “BOO!”
On Saturday I saw 7 fat turkeys walking through the woods.
I told you Fall was coming!

By Ethan

I see a turkey in the woods, my gramma making food and a big feast on the table.
I hear my dad loading the car, my cousins coming and the Macy’s Day Parade.
I smell pumpkin pie, rolls in the oven and my dad making a casserole.
I taste warm cornbread, gravy on my turkey, and stuffing with my feast.
I feel happy I’m with my cousins, the fall is in the air and the seasons are changing.
I know I will have the best Thanksgiving.

By Ethan

Delicate, cold
Falling, melting, covering
Blizzards are full of them
Snow crystals

By Ethan

Great and nice
Athletic and fun
Respectful and amazing
Does not bully
Never fights you
Epic and isn’t mean
Responsible and kind

Good and excellent
Really nice and laughs a lot
Awesome and is the best
Your best friend in the whole world

By Ethan

Hello Spring
Good-bye, cold weather.
Good-bye, snowstorms.
Good-bye, winter.
Spring’s ahead!

Good-bye, slippery ice.
Good-bye winter Olympics.
Good-bye, winter.
Spring, hello!

Hello, chirping birds.
Hello, green grass.
Good-bye winter.
Spring’s in sight!

Hello, football season.
Hello, playing outside.
Good-bye winter.
Spring’s in sight!

By Ethan