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On my way to school I saw a boy
He was a smart boy
He was a super smart boy
He was a cool, super smart boy
He was fun, cool, super smart boy
He was a happy, fun, cool, super smart boy
He was a handsome, happy, fun, cool, super smart boy
And he was a great second grader.

By Kaleb

I knew fall was coming because….
On Sunday I saw people dressing up as Halloween ghosts.
On Monday I saw a lot of jack-o-lanterns on peoples steps.
On Tuesday I saw leaves falling from trees.
On Wednesday I saw a ghost say “BOO.”
On Thursday I saw a turkey walk in front of my car.
On Friday I saw lots of kids playing outside.
On Saturday I saw a pond with a duck quack-quacking.
I told you Fall was coming!

By Kaleb

I love you my handsome, super cool, smart boy.
You are doing awesome at everything you do.
Keep smiling and sharing all you have to give, Mom!

I see lots of jack-o-lanterns on people’s porches.

I hear my mom say its dinnertime.
I smell pumpkin pie with blueberries and whipped creme.

I taste turkey with gravy, salt and pepper.

I feel happy because my grandparents are coming to my house.

I know everything is going to taste good.

By Kaleb
Delicate, small
Glistening, melting, falling
Snowflakes are cold and fall from the sky.

By Kaleb
Courageous all the time
Awesome soccer player
Different than me
Energetic every day
Nice to me sometimes

By Kaleb