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Hi, Michelle! I love you! XXXOOO Love, Mom


On my way to school I saw a girl.
She was an honest girl.
She was a thoughtful, honest girl.
She was a funny, thoughtful, honest girl.
She was a cute, funny, thoughtful, honest girl.
She was a respectful, cute, funny, thoughtful, honest girl.
She was a responsible, respectful, cute, funny, thoughtful, honest girl
And she was a cool second grader!!

By Michelle

Nice poem, Michelle! -Mom

I knew fall was coming because……
On Sunday I saw Halloween decorations being put up.
On Monday I felt cold weather coming in slowly.
On Tuesday I saw jack-o-lanterns being carved outside.
On Wednesday I felt like hearing terrifying stories.
On Thursday I saw fall leaves falling to the ground.
On Friday I saw holes in the pumpkins made from the chickens.
On Saturday I saw a scary ghost floating through my very own house.
I told you Fall was coming.

By Michelle

I see acorns on the brown grass and fall colored leaves falling from trees, red, yellow and orange.
I hear my cousins, two sisters, mom and dad and aunts and uncles.
I smell fresh apple pie and pumpkin pie coming out of the oven. I love Thanksgiving!
I taste the delicious turkey and ham with stuffing and cranberry sauce ( I always have seconds on cranberry sauce).
I feel happy and warm to be with my big family.

By Michelle
Me, too!

Snowflakes in winter
Falling slowly to the ground
Delicate, soft, sparkling
Fluffy, glistening in the sunlight
They fall very slowly to the ground.
Snow crystal is another name for snowflake

By Michelle
Cares about me
A lot of fun
Really goofy like me
Olaf liker
Incredible drawer
Nice to me
Extremely lovable

By Michelle